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Deposits, payments, and transfers

It's easy, secure and efficient to make deposits and payments through your State Bank checking account. You can also transfer funds between your State Bank accounts and to and from accounts at other financial institutions, all with just a few mouse clicks.

Make Deposits

We make it convenient to make deposits to your State Bank accounts without going to the bank. Choose the method that works best for you.

Deposit with your iPhone®. Download the app now.

Deposit with your Android. Download the app now.

Make Payments

Now there are more ways to avoid writing checks and the expense of postage and envelopes. Use State Bank’s online payments to pay bills to just about any company and to anyone with an email address.

Online Banking with Bill Pay. Enroll now.

Make Transfers

When you have several State Bank accounts, we make it simple to move funds from one account to another, by phone or online.

Bank to Bank Transfers make it simple to transfer funds to and from your other financial institutions and your State Bank accounts. See details here.

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Visit a State Bank branch

Open your new account online

Convenience, freedom and control begin with State Bank’s online banking. Wherever you have Internet access, whenever you need to access your accounts, online banking is available right here through our Web site.

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