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Why State Bank Payroll from State Bank?

At State Bank and Trust Company, we pride ourselves on the high-level professional services we offer and our personal customer relationships.

We are the experts with friendly faces – think of us as your home-town professionals. But there are so many more reasons than professional, courteous service to choose State Bank as your business management partner. You may already have another solution, and have found it is not meeting all your needs. So why choose State Bank?

  • State Bank offers significant advantages over other payroll services. In additional to our dedication to superlative customer services, advantages we offer over the competition are:

    • Savings on fees
    • Advanced technology with open architecture (reporting, exports, internet, online employee pay module)
    • Immediate resolutions of issues (no “teams” or “divisions” that handle non-sales items)
    • Local customer support (not offshore or out-of-state call centers)
    • Advanced and custom reporting (included GL reports)
    • State Bank clients have their own dedicated representative (always live person, and no voicemail or phone menus)
    • State Bank handles all notices and correspondence with IRS, States, and other entities
    • State Bank will work directly with your CPA to enhance the entire payroll and accounting process
    • Integrated time and labor management
    • Integrated Human Resource management and tracking
    • Free CPA access for questions and consultations
    • Integrated exports for QuickBooks, banking and 401k file transfers
  • QuickBooks® is fine accounting software; perhaps you started using it when you founded your business. But as your business grows, accounting and payroll tasks in QuickBooks® may become time-intensive chores that take time from more important tasks such as sales and market development. State Bank can simplify your life and provide tremendous advantages over the do-it-yourself approach, including:

    • Savings on labor costs
    • Savings on software and annual support fees
    • Savings on check stock, supplies, and banking fees
    • Local customer support (not offshore support)
    • Payroll redundancy in case of employee emergencies, sicknesses, disasters, or other circumstances
    • State Bank Payroll makes all deposits and files all returns
    • State Bank handles all notices and correspondence with IRS, states, and other entities
    • Insurance against late or incorrect tax deposits and reporting
    • Always compliant with latest tax tables and regulations
    • Integrated time and labor management
    • Free CPA access for questions and consultations
    • Integrated exports for QuickBooks
  • When it comes to managing your employees’ time, you don’t want to deal with multiple systems – you need integrated, one-stop service. State Bank offers solutions that work the way you do, so that you don’t have to change the way you handle timekeeping duties. For example, we offer:

    • Solutions that are fully integrated with payroll, eliminating double entry problems
    • Single entry for employees
    • Automated import models to eliminate manual entry errors
    • Updated employee synchronization instead of manual changes for departments and other organizational issues
    • Unmatched customer support: You'll have one point of contact, one solution – you'll never hear “Let me transfer you to that department”
    • Web-based “Cloud” model to eliminate equipment/software headaches
    • Upgrades and enhancements are included; no need to constantly purchase upgrades from multiple vendors
    • Data backup and security provided by State Bank for worry-free data integrity
    • There are no upfront costs; you pay for the services as you go
    • Unlike software vendors, we don't just sell you a timeclock, we forge mutually-beneficial customer relationships based on trust
  • In today's environment, the security of your business data is more important than ever. We take data security very seriously, and provide both electronic and physical protection for all information you provide to us. Our electronic data security policies include data backup and encryption and access authentication, while our physical security standards set strict limits on which employees are entitled to see your information.In addition to the safeguards we provide, there are also things you can do to protect your business and personal data. Help protect your online accounts by following these simple rules:

    • Never, ever share your account credentials (username/password) with anyone. You may be tempted to share such information with an administrative assistance or fellow employee for momentary convenience – “I will be out this afternoon, can you check on this for me? My password is...” Don't do this! Failure to protect your account credentials is an open invitation to data theft.
    • Use a strong password. Your spouse's middle name, your favorite celebrity or pet's name, or any other regular word makes a poor password, as it is easy for some types of cyber attack to bypass. The best passwords contain a mix of upper- and lowercase letters and numbers. Use a phrase you can remember, such as a memorable quote or line from a song, to create and remember your password. For example, you might create a secure password with a line from a song (“I've got the key to the highway”) and a significant number (e.g., the last 4 digits of your ZIP code), to create a secure password such as “Igtk2th1201″.
    • Memorize it! The best place to keep your password is in your memory. Don't put this sensitive information on a sticky note on your monitor or a note in your desk or wallet. If you forget your password for an State Bank system, give us a call and we will help you regain access.
    • Don't forget to log out. When you are are finished with your online tasks, don't just close the browser Window; log out. It's also a good practice to log out if you are called away from your computer while logged into any secure system, so that coworkers or even customers who may be present in your office cannot see sensitive data.

    Don't give away your data – watch out for attempts to get you to divulge passwords or other personal information through false electronic communications. Such attempts are known as “phishing.” Phishing is a way of getting the unwary person to divulge sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and financial data (bank account or credit card information) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an email. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used for these schemes. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging, and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website that appears to be almost identical to the legitimate one.

    When in doubt, contact us. Any time you suspect an email message is not legitimate, or that someone may have gained unauthorized access to your account, let us know immediately so that we can take measures to protect your data.


Concierge Care for Business

The Concierge Care team is here for one purpose: to assist commercial clients with prompt, efficient attention to your company's cash management functions. We understand your time is valuable. How can we serve you?
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