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We make it easy to move money and streamline financial transactions.

Law Firms

Present bills and collect payments, consolidate funds, maximize returns and mitigate risk.

Collection of Receivables

Regardless of your firm size, State Bank offers customized products that make it easier for people to pay you, allowing you to expedite your receivables with greater efficiency and flexibility.

To minimize your firm’s banking service charges, State Bank’s IOLTA Checking offers a market-leading Earnings Credit Rate of 1.0%. We can show you how much you could save.

Putting Advanced Technology to Work

We’ll help you get the information you need, when you want it, and help mitigate fraud risk and operational inefficiencies.

Disbursement of Payments

We can help your firm leverage the latest technology to automate and organize your payments, protecting your transactions while making certain all your balances are working together to minimize your fees and operating expenses.

Credit and Investment Services

We understand the special credit and investment needs of law firms and their partners. We’re experienced and disciplined, ready to help you minimize idle cash and maximize earnings during uncertain cash flow cycles.

Discover how State Bank can help your law firm run better with anytime, anywhere banking.
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