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Shaw Lokey

Shaw Lokey EVP Correspondent Services

Shaw Lokey - EVP Correspondent Services

Shaw Lokey cut his teeth in the banking business by rolling up his sleeves and getting hands-on with the budgets of branches of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta and Nashville. To say Shaw knows banking by the numbers is an understatement. Add to that more than two decades of experience managing investor relations, marketing and sales in addition to providing correspondent services to community banks throughout the Southeast and you can see why he belongs with State Bank.

At State Bank Correspondent Services, meeting the needs of our client financial institutions is job number one. Understanding those needs is absolutely vital to our success. Nobody understands the needs of our clients better than Shaw.

Jimmy Maness

Jimmy Maness SVP Correspondent Services

Jimmy Maness - SVP Correspondent Services

Jimmy Maness cut his teeth in the banking industry by working out the kinks of electronic banking for banks large and small. Couple that with an engaging personality, an inherent understanding of sales, and time spent at the North Carolina Bankers Association working with community banks, and you can see how Jimmy is a veritable treasure trove of information for community-based financial institutions. Jimmy speaks business. Jimmy speaks sales. And Jimmy speaks the language of the electronic side of our business.

At State Bank, we rely on “multi-lingual” folks like Jimmy, because the business of banking has become complex. People who are able to speak to all facets of it are the people who know how to make good things happen. And that’s what Jimmy Maness brings to the table.

Trey Moore

Trey Moore SVP Correspondent Services

Trey Moore - SVP Correspondent Services

At one point along the way, prior to joining the State Bank team, Trey Moore found himself in the dog-eat-dog world of pharmaceutical sales. It certainly comes as no surprise to us that he was successful there. In fact, Trey credits that experience with teaching him how to make success happen. Especially for his clients. And that’s a philosophy that is absolutely part of our DNA here at State Bank. Since joining us, Trey has been instrumental in helping community financial institutions in South Carolina succeed.

At State Bank, we know that experience comes from many places. But the will to create contagious success comes from within. Trey knows how to help his clients be successful — a skill uniquely aligned with the State Bank way of doing business. In fact, in today’s difficult times, we find that Trey has just the right medicine for our community-based financial institution clients.